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BeLuvv Puppy Proximity Device for Dogs


Losing your dog is not a lot of fun. These days, there are plenty of smart devices you can take advantage of to keep track of your pet. The BeLuvv Puppy Proximity Device happens to be one of those. This device is designed to build a safety network for dogs. It can be worn on the dog collar to allow you to keep track of your pet on your iOS or Android device. You get notified when your dog goes outside the specified safe zone. Friends and family members who are added as a co-guardian will get notified when your pet goes missing.

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The device is water resistant (IPX 5) and has a battery that lasts up to 6 months. The Co-Guard Network allows you to rely on others to spot your pet when it gets lost. The BeLuvv Puppy device sets you back under $40.

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