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Solar Socket: Solar USB Wall Socket


Many of us rely on smartphones and other USB-powered devices to get things done and stay in touch with others. But what if you have a power outage? A solar charger can bail you out. Even if you have not invested in your own solar energy system for your home, you can rely on Solar Sockets to charge your gadgets. This is a solar powered USB wall socket that can get you out of trouble in case of an emergency. It is easily to install too. Just install the solar panel anywhere there is sunlight, drill a hole for the power cable, and cut a hole in your wall for the socket.

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Your solar socket has its own battery and charge controllers. Just attach the power cable to it, and you are ready to charge your phone and other USB devices. It can charge your iPhone from 0% to 100% in 3 hours. You can get a Solar Socket Kit for smartphones for as low as $89, but you have to support the project early.