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Blink Wire Free Home Monitoring

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There are plenty of so-called “wireless” home monitoring devices around. But most of them are not completely wireless. The Blink is a different. This battery-powered device can be installed anywhere in your home to allow you to monitor things. It has a HD camera plus motion and temperature sensors to alert you and capture audio/video when things happen at your place. The system has an app that runs on iOS or Android devices.

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You can place the Blink anywhere to start monitoring. When the system detects motion, it will alert you and even sends you audio/video clips to your smartphone. The system also has an optional alarm unit that features a 105-decibel siren. That is also battery powered and can be installed anywhere. The Blink offers night vision, live view, privacy features (LED indicator and audio alert to let you know when it is recording), and on-board storage. It will cost as low as $49.


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