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BloomSky: Hyperlocal Weather Station

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Meet the BloomSky: a nifty device that provides you with more accurate weather data. We have all used weather apps that provide unreliable weather data in the past. The BloomSky aims to change that. It lets you share real-time data and sky images with others, so everyone can get better information. The device can measure temperature, UV, humidity, pressure, and rain. It has a high definition camera with a 170-degree wide lens and an innovative rain sensor.

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The BloomSky is weatherproof and has a double layered radiation shield. It provides you with real-time data. The indoor module has a built-in temperature and humidity sensor. You get indoor and outdoor temperature conveniently. A solar module is available for the outdoor module to make your life easier. The companion app gives you access to your data and snapshots. Push notifications on precipitation and temperature sudden changes are quite convenient. The BloomSky is on Kickstarter right now.

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