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C.H.I.P.: $9 Computer for Hackers & Students



Meet the C.H.I.P.: a $9 computer for your hackers and students. This tiny computer has a 1 GHz processor, 512 MB of RAM, and 4 GB of storage space. It also offers WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. You can connect it to a display using its built-in composite output or an adapter for VGA or HDMI.

The C.H.I.P. comes with the Chromium browser for surfing the web. It is also preloaded with Scratch to teach you programming. You can also play games with it. The PocketC.H.I.P. makes your C.H.I.P. portable. It has a 4.3″ touchscreen, a battery, and a keyboard. You can find out more on Kickstarter.