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Kibbi Home Security Solution + Sensors

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Meet the Kibbi system: a home security solution that gives you peace of mind. It has a HD wide angle camera, night vision, motion detection, a microphone, and a speaker for wireless music streaming. The device sends you custom audio alerts. It also has a backup battery and cloud storage for data. Thanks to Kibbi sensors, you can detect when windows and doors are opened or closed. You can monitor for movements and vibrations or changes in the temperature.

Kibbi offers free cloud storage for your content. It has a USB port, so you can store your content offline. Kibbi is expected to be compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile phone devices. It learns from your home to better serve you (e.g. if you have a pet, Kibbi can take its movements into consideration). You can use Kibbi with the IFTTT service to automate things at home. You can support Kibbi on Indiegogo.

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