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LIGHTFREQ Smart Light Bulb w/ HD Audio Follows You

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Meet the LIGHTFREQ light bulb: a smart light bulb with HD audio. You can use it as your audio system or to keep up with your notifications. This is a Bluetooth, WiFi, multicolor LED light bulb with built-in HD audio. Thanks to Bluetooth, you can use up to two LightFreqs at a time. LIGHTFREQ has a built-in “follow me” feature, so your audio and lighting follow you room to room. The device can also serve as a mood lighting solution based on your music.

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LIGHTFREQ’s behavior can be customized using its companion app. You can set it up to change color when you have a new notification. It can also wake up on time using light and sound. LIGHTFREQ is smart and can turn on and off as you enter or exit a room. The product is on Kickstarter at this time.

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