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Lumenplay App-Enabled Christmas Lights

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Smart, app-enabled lights are nothing new. We have seen a bunch of decent ones in the past couple of years. The Lumenplay happens to a string of app-enabled lights you can control from your smartphone. These lights change colors and effects, enabling you to put on a light snow. They rely on Bluetooth SMART technology to connect to your iOS or Android devices. The Lumenplay companion app lets you customize your lights, visualize your music, and more.

Lumenplay lights are designed with ease-of-use in mind. Just plug them in, download and set up the companion app, and you are set. The Classic C9 Starter Light string comes with a smart controller that communicates with your smart device. You get 12 RGB LEDs and have the option to add extender strings and use up to 500 lights. Here is what you get:

  • Smartphone support (Bluetooth 4.0)
  • Max 500 lights, controllable from one controller
  • Control up to 8 strings from the app
  • Music Visualizer, Timer, Passcode for lights
  • C9 bulb design + Extender String option

The app lets you choose from over 16m colors and save your settings. It allows you to choose your own music to visualize. You can share your custom scenes with your friends conveniently. These lights simply make a nice addition to your smart home. The starter set is available for under $80 at this time.

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