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Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller Gets App Update

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Remember the Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller? The companion app for the device has been updated to lower your water usage. It relies on ET based rain delay to eliminate excess watering.

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ET rain delay monitors the true soil moisture loss between previous and scheduled waterings and automatically skips the irrigation schedule when sufficient water is present … ET technology has a similar impact on the smart controller’s ability to make seasonal adjustments to the irrigation schedule. ET based seasonal adjustments monitor actual evaporation loss on a weekly basis and apply a percent change adjustment, increasing the amount of water used as days get longer and/or warmer, and decreasing the amount of water used as days get shorter and/or cooler.

The app includes vegetation, soil, nozzle, slope, and other new options. All the new data points allow you to get more control over your smart sprinkler. Did we mention that Iro now integrates with the Nest Protect? The new app is now online.

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