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3 Smart Air Purifiers for Connected Homes

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Those of you who deal with allergies know how useful air purifiers can be. Not all air purifiers are designed to integrate with your smart home. These 3 smartphone-enabled air purifiers can be easily controlled from a smartphone:


Holmes Group Smart Air Purifier: a WeMo enabled smart air purifier. You can program it from your smartphone. It also provides you with alerts for cleaning and maintenance.


VIGILANT WiFi Smart Air Purifier: this air purifier connects to your smartphone and removes indoor air pollution. Just select the air quality level you want in your home and the device does the rest.


Table Air Smart Purifier: this smart air purifier features PM2.5 filtration, ultraviolet disinfection, odor removal, and multiple air purification functions. It has a WiFi model, so you can control it from Table Air’s mobile app.

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