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6 Smart Cooking Devices for A Smart Kitchen

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In the future, our kitchens are going to become a whole lot smarter. There are already plenty of smart products you can pick up to get things done in the kitchen more conveniently. Here are 6 smart cooking products you shouldn’t miss:

Crock-Pot Smart Wifi Slow Cooker: a smart slow cooker that lets you adjust cooking time, temperature, and more from the WeMo app. The Crock-Pot cooker has 6-quart capacity, cool touch handles, and built-in cord storage.

Nomiku Sous Vide Immersion Circulator: an immersion circulator that lets you cook your food perfectly every time. You can clip it onto any pot and store it easily when you are done with it.


Palate Smart Grill: a smart grill that offers a two-step cooking process to avoid over/undercooking your food. It has sensors that automatically adjust the cooking profile to give you the best results for your food.


Pantelligent: a smart frying pan that helps you cook like a pro. It helps you achieve repeatable results with your recipes.

SmartyPans Smart Pan: it has weight, temperature, and humidity sensors and a waterproof design. It monitors weight of ingredients as well as temperature and humidity, transmitting them to your recipe app to provide you with simple instructions.

MAID Oven: a smart kitchen assistant that helps you cook new dishes at home easier. It brings crowd-sourced recipes to your kitchen. The device pairs with your smartphone and activity trackers and learns from your diet to help you maintain a balanced diet.

Which one of these smart kitchen products are you impressed with the most?

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