Home Cooling & Heating BEMO°: Turn Your Smartphone Into a Thermostat

BEMO°: Turn Your Smartphone Into a Thermostat

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So you have got an old phone sitting around doing nothing? Why not turn it into a smart thermostat? BEMO° happens to be an innovative solution that lets you use your old smartphone to replace your thermostat. You get hardware, software, and a mounting to transform your phone into a climate control system. BEMO° connects to your HVAC wires coming out from the wall and charges your device. It has 8 switches with a temperature and humidity sensor to do the functions you expect a regular thermostat to perform.

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BEMO° will have a ZigBee chip, so it could work as the brain for your home automation system. The system is capable of working over SMS. If your smartphone supports voice commands, so does BEMO°. It can even serve as an emergency alert system. BEMO° is opensource and highly customizable, so you can do a whole lot more with it. You can support it on Kickstarter.

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